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Bad Faith Litigation

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Bad Faith Litigation

Since its inception, BJG has been entrusted with responsibility for addressing complex and high stakes issues involving bad faith on behalf of its insurer clients.  Bad faith allegations arising from coverage positions or claims handling can expose insurance carriers to protracted litigation and extra-contractual liability, including punitive damages.  BJG attorneys partner with our insurer clients to formulate effective claims handling and avoidance strategies in first and third party scenarios to extinguish or minimize potential risk to such exposure.  Our attorneys also regularly opine on coverage issues implicating bad faith concerns, including policy limits demands and the denial of policy benefits.  Where litigation is unavoidable, we are skilled in proactively resolving or effectively litigating bad faith claims to conclusion.   

When an insurer is faced with allegations of bad faith, BJG is an experienced partner to turn to for defense.  Whatever your question of coverage in the bad faith arena may be, we are here to assist. 

If you would like to discuss a question relating to bad faith issues, or request a presentation by our attorneys, please contact us.

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